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Young team-developers of the games and applications frequently ask a question: "Whether it is possible to earn money on your own browser app". This is a tricky question because much depends on the goal you set for yourself. You have to decide whether you want your game or app to bring you income, or you wish that millions of people would play it. Probably, you want both? All this is quite possible, but you will have to make a lot of efforts and pay attention to the details.


Let us suppose that you are looking at somebody’s app, a foreign one, and you wish to make the same because it is made actually well. In fact – you will steal the idea. There is nothing wrong with it, but you have very low chances to surpass the already released application. You will have to pass a tough competition, design something special and only then, you would probably get to the first place in this niche.

The most valued applications are those that were created out of an original idea. Something completely novel, original. A game, which will win the hearts of the thousands of the users. Consequently, you should give more heed to the idea first. Even that team, which is on the first stage of the development and which is planning to release only the first application is capable of developing an incredible idea with the help of enthusiasm.

The Content Is Crucial

You should consider your product in details. To make the browser extensions monetization maximally profitable, it is essential to avoid the things, which could irritate the user. From the bugs to the intrusive advertising banners.

Any, even the most brilliant idea of creating an application can be completely "killed" with the shortcomings. Users, after being familiarized with such application, often leave negative online reviews, which obviously negatively influence its reputation.

Pay attention to the design of the game. You do not have to involve all at once and make out of them a targeted audience. You will not cope with it if you combine at once in the design, for instance, the themes out the worlds of Star Wars, the Hobbit and Harry Potter. It is better to work on the things that are liked by your team. Such applications will be developed with a great enthusiasm and this means, that it will be better.

Try to make the loading speed of your browser application as quick as possible. Recall yourself before at the computer. For instance, you are given some link and you wish to review the site. Nevertheless, it is loading for more than one and half a minute and you simply close the link. The same things will do other users in regard to your browser application if you do not take care of the speed.

Multiple ways of monetization

The modern Internet has numerous ways by which you can monetize your application:

  • selling clicks;
  • advertising;
  • selling the players different advantages in your application or additional features;
  • selling of the app itself.

These are just the most conventional and efficacious methods of monetization. There exist other, but we will not pay attention to them in this article. Will tell a little bit more about them.

Earnings on advertising

In your browser application, you can use various advertising methods. For example, link exchanging with other companies that are developing browser-based applications or with the webmasters that owe websites. It is important that the content of other developers matched the theme of yours content.


This is a pretty popular method of earning income, which includes the purchase to the players or to those who use your application for additional features or benefits to overcome other gamers. It may be a premium account, the gaming gold and so on. According to the statistics, only 10% of the audience really pay. Besides, in the first month there pays less than 1%, therefore, you should not expect fast results from this method of monetization.

Selling applications

You are simply selling the ability to use your application to other users. This is quite a risky move, besides, the Russian users differ in their preference of using gratis alternatives. Notwithstanding, the sales bring their fruits, especially if you start do not sell it at the initial stage of the development.

We will tell about selling clicks below, as this topic deserves a special attention.

Of course, the promotion

This is, probably, the crucial moment, which will allow you resolving two things at once: make so that thousands of people used your application, and to make it bring you income. It is essential that your application became popular and thousands of the users downloaded it. The promotion is fulfilled with different tools. The most efficacious in the regard “price-quality” are the following.

  1. Appeal to the specialized companies for a promotion. Such organizations and webmaster offer their services at high prices, but the efficiency is more than high. You should appeal to such companies only in that case when you are sure that your application will become really popular and if it has a great potential, and also if you have a sufficient capital and if the given budget allows you using the expensive services.
  2. The placement of the links in the blogs and on the forums. The theme should match yours. In this occasion, you will not spend a penny but will get e users. Cheap and cheerful!
  3. The advertising in social networks takes a special place. Firstly, you can make for your application the social buttons, which will significantly enhance your performance. Many modern social networks offer the opportunity of advertising directly on their resources. This is a paid service, but in such way, you will be getting a valuable targeted traffic. It is important to customize the advertising.
  4. Link exchanging with other companies and webmasters.
  5. PPC promotion. This, just like in the case of the sale of clicks, should be discussed separately.

You can choose other ways of promotion of your browser application, but the most effective today are the above-mentioned ones.

The sale and buying of the clicks

The selling of clicks is one of the ways to monetize your app, and a purchase – to promote it. Both of these concepts are associated with the site On this online resource, you can purchase a targeted traffic for your browser application. It works very simply.

The sellers of the clicks register in the system and get a link. Afterward, they should place this link in the vastness of the global network. Thus, the buyer of the traffic gets clicks. There is no pre-payment. All transactions are made after the actual actions, so you risk nothing and can clearly plan your budget. In order to buy traffic, you need to register and fill in the advertising campaign field. After the website verifies your creditworthiness, the link will be available for the sellers.

If you want to sell traffic, you must register in the system. After this, you should simply place the link on your site and you will earn without efforts. In such way, it appears that the site is a universal container for sellers and buyers of traffic of different types.

Why is it so interesting?

All the masters and the whole teams of the developers work hard every day to create the novel browser-based applications and sites. Why are they doing that? The perspectives actually attract.

  1. This is a possibility to fully realize your creative potential. You can create all that you wish and none would ever restrict your choice.
  2. You are earning right at home, therefore, you can pay attention to your family and friends.
  3. The work with the like-minded people brings a special pleasure.
  4. You realize that you are bringing actual benefits for people.
  5. This is an opportunity to earn for those, who struggle hard to find work today (the pregnant women, students and other social categories).
  6. Your work travels with you in your laptop. You can do what you like anywhere you wish.
  7. You earn as much as you want and give it the appropriate amount of time. You can plan your working schedule and holidays on your own. No restrictions!

Many took the opportunity, developed their browser-based applications, which became sought-after and started earning their millions. Probably, you should give it a try?

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